Flash Movie Player

Flash Movie Player Version 1.5 Free

Playing flash movies in your PC is easy and hassle free with this no frills media tool

Even today, one can find millions of Flash based websites and content such as videos and animations which all require a reliable media player that support the Flash technology. Flash Movie Player is one of the handful of free to use Flash based media players which has been designed to give users complete control over the Flash media which they are trying to view. One of the key highlights of this player is that it gives users the option of fast forwarding as well as rewinding their Flash movies. In addition to that, the player also comes with complete support for EXE and SWF file formats which is essential if you are planning to resize your video and watch it in full screen mode in order to enjoy better video quality and take advantage of your monitor’s screen resolution. Users can also create their own personalized playlists consisting of Flash based movies so that they can have quick access to their content without having the need to search for the respective files every single time. Apart from that, Flash Movie Player also has the ability to extract Flash movies directly from the internet if you happen to use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your default browser in your PC. You can also play Flash based games using this player if you have a liking towards it. The navigation bar at the bottom of the player comes with an auto-hide capability that makes it disappear once you enter the full screen mode.
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